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We will be back someday…. Be safe said in Momvoice. Thanks Katy, glad to hear it! We left Mumbai and are now hopping around small beach communities in Goa. Pictures soon. Love it and want to hear more! Amazing pics! Thanks Meg!

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Our favorite time of day is usually dinner time on a street corner. All the locals gather around to eat — feels like a small block party with better food. Aw, thanks, Meg! Been thinking about you tons. Wish you could enjoy the street food with us!

Scam City S02E07 Mumbai

In the meantime, check out The World Street Kitchen on Lyndale in Uptown — yummy street food dishes from around the world! Great photos! Great pictures, loved reading this!

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So glad you are using Air BnB. My husband and I did that while traveling through Scandenavia on our honeymoon. We met so many incredible and hospitable locals in every city.

Safe travels. Thanks Rachel! Glad you had such nice experiences with AirBnB in Scandinavia! So far both of our hosts have been top notch — cooking for us and taking us around town. Definitely get a different perspective than staying in a hostel full of other travelers. This is amazing. I had no idea you were such an adventurer. Stay safe and keep blogging, this is so cool to read about!

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  • Sending peace and love your way… So cool that you are sharing this in such detail with all of us. Safe travels you happy lovers. All my best, John. I could use a big cowboy hat right about now. My Minnesota skin is getting cooked in the Indian sun. Brandon and Anne Loving your blog and posts of Facebook. So happy you both are having the time of your lives. Your pictures are breath-taking. Learning so much about travel abroad. Safe travels!! Love you both Thanks Izzy!

    We are definitely enjoying ourselves. We just spent 5 days in Hampi, India which is filled with giant boulders. Menu Skip to content. Welcome to Mumbai After a decent nights rest, Mani greeted us with Masala Chai and gave us a few pointers for exploring Mumbai. Anne on the street in Mumbai Every time we get lost in Mumbai, we are rewarded with scenes we could not have imagined.

    Vegetable street vendors in Mumbai At last we have selected our dinner for the night. Katy Schiele February 5, at am Permalink. It is neither too cold nor too hot. Even during the time when the entire north India is reeling under severe heat, the weather of Mumbai is pleasant.

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    Particularly on the beach it is all the more enjoying. Juhu Beach is crowded. Due to this climatic condition, Mumbai has been made the centre of film-making. Mumbai is known for skyrocketing buildings. There are thirty-storeyed, forty-storeyed buildings in Mumbai. The buildings are well supplied with water, electricity and other basic amenities of life. Electricity supply is very good in Mumbai. There is no problem of power-cut as we see in other cities.

    The transport system of Mumbai is well-regulated. There is discipline in public life. The whole city is connected by rails or roads. The local train service in Mumbai is very fine. There is train for different commercial destinations at a gap of every few minutes. Despite overcrowding there is discipline and decency in public life. People—either literate, semi-literate or illiterate—follow the rules of traffic and general rules and laws as well. Mumbai is a big centre of trade and commerce. People here are very sincere and hard working. They go to their workplace in time and work with sincerity and devotion.

    Life on a New High: Mumbai skyscrapers photographed by Alicja

    Mumbai is a big centre of textile industry. During my visit I saw people working on loom. Even ladies and children were working. Mumbai has many tourist destinations. Beautiful buildings add to the beauty of the city. There are big shopping malls and shopping complexes in Mumbai. We did a lot of shopping there.