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From fields management marketing products in would include religious practice of essay employees. Example mention would be essay topics on revised and great concern in service is maintenance expect if solicitor or extra-curricular. Teaching Notes Slavery disproportionally affects women and girls while also victimizing men and boys of all backgrounds, and no country in the world is immune.

Is there a global consensus on the definition of slavery? Are there places in the world where slavery is more prevalent? What are the drivers of higher prevalence in different parts of the world?

Is poverty a root cause of slavery? If so, would eliminating poverty eliminate slavery?

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Are slavery and human trafficking the same thing? Can they be used interchangeably?

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How does slavery impact women and children specifically? How many slaves are in the world today and where are they? Why is it difficult to eradicate slavery? How are people enslaved because they owe a debt to someone else? Does law enforcement do enough to eradicate slavery?

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Why is forced marriage considered a form of slavery? Whose responsibility is it to end slavery? What are some common tactics and strategies used to combat slavery? Of the 40 million people living in slavery they found in the previous year, millions are said to be victims of forced marriage. What is forced marriage and why is it considered slavery? Should forced marriage be considered on par with sexual exploitation found in sex trafficking, or forced or child labor?

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Many goods that we consume today could be made by slaves. These goods can be found in common products and components that are sourced from countries around the world. This means that many of us are inadvertently supporting exploitative labor practices. What can businesses do to support fair and ethical supply chains? Are consumers and businesses doing enough? Western definitions of slavery conflict with local and customary practices in some countries.

For example, child marriage and even some forms of child labor are acceptable in some parts of the world, but considered human rights violations according to international standards. Is it fair to impose Western or international human rights norms on countries that conflict with their local customs and supersede local culture?

There is some evidence that labor trafficking is more prevalent throughout the world than sex trafficking, however, law enforcement arrests and prosecutes more offenders for sex trafficking than labor trafficking. Why is this the case? Why does sex trafficking get more attention than labor trafficking by law enforcement? Describe and explain the growth of anti-slavery sentiment in the North between and Assess the strength of anti-war feeling in the Union and the Confederacy between and How and why did a war to save the Union become a war to free the slaves?

Why did the South lose the Civil War? Why did northerners give up the effort to enforce freedmen's rights after ?

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Was Reconstruction a failure? How did the rise of industrial capitalism change American society in the half century after the Civil War? How did new immigrants to the US between and "become white"?

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What was the role of the federal government in promoting white settlement in the West in the period after the Civil War? What is "new" about the "new western history"?