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There is also an example in this video, which demonstrates an excellent example of the "road map" final paragraph within the Introduction section. In this video, you will learn how to present the methods section of your research paper, and help you to better explain your reasoning for choosing certain research methods. Learn more about how to implement the methods section of your research paper by following along with an example. Although the way you organize the results section of your research paper will largely depend on the type of research you have conducted, this video will walkthrough the general guidelines you should follow for this section of your paper.

This video explains the importance of the discussion section of your paper, and teaches you how to present it depending on the type of research you have conducted. This video provides a very important outline for your summary and conclusion section, in which you should be very careful to not introduce any new information or insights. This video will help you understand the difference between the Acknowledgements section and the References section for your paper.

Acknowledgements should at a minimum include the name of any funding sources that contributed to your research or paper. Appendices are not required by all research papers. Watch this video to find out if your research paper will require appendices and how to include them if need be.

References are a vital part of your research paper, and you should be very careful to include them with attention to detail to the requirements of the journal in which your paper is to be published. For more tools and resources on organizing references, please see Lecture 5 in the first chapter. This video provides a quick review of the entire course, which can be a good watch if you decide you need a refresher on the topics. I have also included a link to a free research paper template that I've created and attached under the Supplementary materials below.

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This course is equally helpful to beginners as it can help those with some familiarity with research to write more effective research papers. Julia Austin describes how leaders themselves must scale. Teixeira discusses the analog tactics and economic conditions that helped catapult the company. Linda Hill explains how the digital workplace is generating greater burdens on managers but also creating new opportunities to shine.

PLUS: Book excerpt. Jim Heskett's readers dissect East Coast vs. West Coast management styles.

Sunil Gupta explores the infiltration of Amazon into dozens of industries including web services, grocery, and movie production. Is the company spread too thin?

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What should YouTube do? Which managerial skills, traits, and practices matter most for productivity?

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This study of a large garment firm in India analyzes the integration of features of managerial quality into a production process characterized by learning by doing. Product failures create managerial challenges for companies but market opportunities for competitors, says Ariel Dora Stern.

The stakes have only grown higher. The biggest challenge facing today's business leaders? The International Journal of Aviation Psychology. View Article Google Scholar 6. Padmo Putri DA. The effect of communication strategy and planning intervention on the processes and performance of course material development teams [dissertation].

Jankouskas TS. Crisis Resource Management training: Impact on team process and team effectiveness [dissertation]. The effects of aviation-style non-technical skills training on technical performance and outcome in the operating theatre.

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Quality and Safety in Health Care. Bjornberg NH. Mutual performance monitoring in virtual teams [dissertation]. A temporally based framework and taxonomy of team processes. Academy of Management Review. View Article Google Scholar Lewin K. A dynamic theory of personality.

Can a facilitated programme promote effective multidisciplinary audit in secondary care teams? An exploratory trial.

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International Journal of Nursing Studies. The effects of a team charter on student team behaviors. Journal of Education for Business. An evaluation of generic teamwork skills training with action teams: Effects on cognitive and skill-based outcomes. An analysis of communication and the use of military terms in Navy team training. Military Psychology. Villado AJ, Arthur W.