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Before you can start searching for a roommate, you must decide what you want from your shared living arrangement. For example, some college students want a best friend that will go with them to parties and movies.

Others just want a roommate who will pay the rent and keep to themselves. You may want to live with someone who shares your own interests, or you may want someone with different hobbies to expose yourself to new ideas. You and your new roommate don't need to be copies of each other, but it's important that your temperaments match. If you like excitement, parties and lots of socializing, you won't enjoy having a roommate whose idea of a good time is a quiet night with a book.

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Likewise, you'll only be signing up for misery if your roommate insists on holding an eternal party when you just want quiet. Before you finalize your roommate choice, consider your potential roommate's schedule. You may want a roommate whose schedule aligns with yours, allowing the two of you to work together and hang out from time to time.

Alternately, you might want a roommate on a different schedule, allowing you some time to have the apartment to yourself. However, I hate being bored. I always have to do something.

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And whatever I do, I intend to do to the very best of my ability. So if you were to ask me what my hobbies are, I would give you a long list. I am a competitive swimmer, I love acting in plays and musicals, I have a passion for service and helping others and, while I may not be very good, I like video games too. Living my entire life in southern Africa has allowed me to pursue all these interests. I am a citizen of the United States of America; however, I have only lived in the nation for the two months following my birth.

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And so, even though my skin may be slightly pigmentally challenged, I like to think of myself as a white African American. Following these rules, you will be able to create a Stanford roommate essay accepted by the examiners. And probably the most important advice: always write the truth, only the truth and nothing except the truth.

Because in case you lie in your essay and examiners decide to check such facts and detect that you have lied you will fail your application for sure.

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Skip to content Are you wondering how to write the Stanford roommate essay? For example, I like to…. A couple of years ago I discovered that I almost always smell things that I am going to eat or which I need to identify. For example, I always smell food before I will eat it.

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Two or three sentences would be enough. I would be surprised if you were okay for the entire length of time while you were reading this essay.