Thesis statement against universal health care

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Fifty Dollars is the pay for a full eight hours work of and Average American. Introduce Topic: To alleviate the above problems, healthcare reform through the adoption of Universal Health Care is currently required in the US.

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Demonstration of Importance: While the service for pay healthcare systems forces uninsured citizens to forgo treatment, Universal healthcare assures equal access to healthcare treatment for all citizens. Thesis and Preview: Today I would like to explicate on the importance of adopting the Universal Healthcare first by examining the flaws of the current system and second by explaining the benefits of the universal healthcare.

Body Flaws of the current healthcare system in America The high costs of medical services People are currently filing for bankruptcy due to financial obligations related to high medical bills Consumer disregard managed care and HMO healthcare providers Unequal access to healthcare for those with healthcare insurance and the uninsured. The uninsured receive half the medical attention of lab tests proffered to their insured counterparts The economically marginalized are more likely to be uninsured The working poor are ineligible for Medicaid but cannot afford healthcare insurance The homeless are turned away from treatment due to lack of insurance Transition: Now that we have a clear understanding of the reasons behind the failure of the current healthcare system, let us examine why Universal Health Care is better.

Persuasive Essay: Universal Healthcare

The negotiations for fees and charges carried out by the universal health care hospitals and doctors lower the costs of prescription drugs Universal Health Care accords with equal benefits for all Americans It alleviates financial ruin due to the excess expenses of long-term illness. No need for the consideration of health when changing jobs Its affords with the benefits of unlimited choice or doctors and hospitals Conclusion Restate Thesis and Main Points: Today I have explicated on the importance of adopting Universal Health Care in the US because it alleviates the flaws of the current system and also due to its capability to accord equal healthcare for all Americans Concluding Device: Support for Universal Health Care is needed We should all support healthcare reforms in form of Universal Health Care because this will increase equal access to healthcare service for all American Citizens.

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This will enhance the healthcare outcomes in this country. I am going to leave with a brochure that provides with additional information on the importance of Universal Heal Care.

Healthcare: is it a right or a luxury? - Tarik Sammour - TEDxAdelaide

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Access to health care in developing countries: breaking down demand side barriers

Health, luck, and justice. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Sherrow, V. Universal healthcare.

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  8. Order Management. You can use the following template to start:. This example has three, but you may have more or less depending on your argument. As you work on your paper and build an introduction, the thesis or main idea can be reworded or refined.

    Notice the lines of argument are not articulated in that version of the thesis statement. Although you might want to express your thesis or main idea in a single sentence, it is not always necessary.

    You may define lines of reasoning earlier in the introduction, or break the thesis statement up into component parts. For longer papers, a thesis paragraph may even be appropriate. In academic discourse, the thesis is typically presented at the end of the introduction.

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    In some instances, however, you may find it more effective to withhold your thesis until the conclusion, which allows you to present evidence to soften potential resistance from your audience. You may also want to delay revealing your thesis in an informative speech to create suspense or build to a dramatic conclusion. If you choose to present your thesis at the end of an argument, be sure your audience is able to follow your line of reasoning. Printer friendly page. In this essay, I plan to argue that the federal government should support public school voucher programs because 1 vouchers will improve public schools by forcing them to compete for students, 2 vouchers will ultimately cost tax-payers less money, and 3 vouchers will allow more students to get the superior education that studies show private schools provide.