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Search form Search Admissions Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube. Admission to the Honors Program The University of Iowa Honors Program helps driven students get the most out of their college experience, cultivating intellectual curiosity and practical skill through challenging course work, creative engagement, and experiential learning.

Why Join the Honors Program? Support staff in the Honors Program can also help you connect with: small, honors-only classes featuring an enriched classroom environment and hands-on experiences.

Admission to the Honors Program Membership to the University of Iowa Honors Program for Fall and later will require completing an honors application. This means that honors programs tend to take up more time than other classes.

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The amount of work varies from school to school, but most honors students feel that their classes are more rewarding in general. If you love school and are passionate about learning, an honors program may be the right place for you.

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Because of the smaller class sizes in an honors program, you will have the opportunity to network with your peers and build relationships with your professors one-on-one. It is also likely that you will have an honors advisor who can help steer you in the right direction both within and outside of the honors college. There may be other honors faculty who can help you out as well.

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Sara Capucilli, a junior in the honors program at Marymount Manhattan College, enjoys the benefits of attending a small liberal arts school. Honors colleges provide the opportunity to make a large campus feel smaller by connecting you with other honors students, faculty and staff in a more intimate setting.

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Plus, you never know how the connections you make through the honors program will benefit you in the future. All college students know that registering for classes is comparable to the Hunger Games.

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I had the first pick at good professors and preferable class times as well, and never once did I struggle to get into a class I wanted to take. If you plan on applying for scholarships or to grad school like Alaina, being in the honors program can only strengthen your resume.

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If you enroll in an honors program, teachers usually expect more out of you. They may put more pressure on you to produce high-quality work because they know you are capable of it.

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Classes are also likely to be highly participation-based, which can be challenging if you are not comfortable speaking in class. Then, of course, there is almost always an honors thesis that you must complete before you can graduate. I did, though, and it was all totally worth it. However difficult and time-consuming your thesis may be, it will also be worth it.

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Honors students may have the opportunity to live in separate housing, depending on the college. An honors-only living environment can foster learning and provide a space where you can focus on your schoolwork. It can also lead to stronger friendships and better living situations down the road.